How  We  Serve


Prayer is the lungs through which our Christianity breathes here at Maplewood. Every Wednesday morning at 10 AM a band of dedicated prayer warriors meets at the church to pray. Each Wednesday night at our mid-week service we take the time necessary to hear the requests of our people, and to pray together. We pray before services, in Sunday School classes, and in the privacy of our own homes. Come join us as the Lord teaches us to pray.


Maplewood Bible Baptist Church has a heart for the entire world. We believe that Christ is the great need of the world, and that the local church is the best vehicle to provide that need. Consequently, we partner with many men around the world in planting churches in countries as far flung as New Zealand, the Philippines, Zambia, Israel, Brazil, Paraguay, and the Canadian Arctic. Through our people's sacrificial financial gifts and consistent prayer we seek to take seriously our responsibility to reach the regions beyond with the Gospel. To help provide for the needs of our missionaries see our Giving Page.


Naturally, our church cares greatly for children, and includes several ministries designed particularly to be a blessing to them. Our Sunday School hour at 10 AM on Sundays includes age graded classes. Each of those classes has teachers carefully chosen and screened, and regularly trained in order to be more effective. On Sunday morning during the 11 AM Preaching Service we hold a separate Children's Church for the younger people.  And on Wednesday nights during the school year we offer a combination children's choir and teaching time known as Patch the Pirate Club. As well, our children eagerly participate in activities such as summer camp, Sunday School activities, and Christmas parties, not to mention the highlight of the year - Vacation Bible School!


Here at Maplewood our teen group is fondly known as the A Team. In addition to their own Sunday School class and their own teen choir, they regularly participate in activities as simple as going to the mall and as involved as a week away in the summer for camp. Each year, as well, they also minister by hosting our annual Valentine's Banquet and being an integral help in putting on our Vacation Bible School. 


At Maplewood we strive to balance ministering both with adults and to adults. Ministries to them include Sunday School classes for both men and women, class activities, a Senior Saints group, and church-wide activities. On an individual level we do a lot of counseling, and individual training and mentoring. Ministry opportunities for adults are as varied as teaching in a class or group, organizing and helping with activities, serving via our audio/visual ministry, and being part of our hospitality group of greeters and ushers. Artistic types do bulletin boards and design graphics. The musically gifted sing and play and lead. We work hard at finding just the right place of service for you in the Lord's work, and along the way we want to do a good job caring for your soul, and developing your relationship with the Lord. 

helping hands

Senior citizens often have difficulties with the ordinary tasks of life that the rest of us take for granted. Things such as going shopping, getting back and forth to the doctor, and organizing their paperwork can become overwhelming at times. Helping Hands exists in order to extend a helping hand in just these situations. Through this ministry, we simply help older people who need help, and we are happy to do it.

operation go!

The church is a local assembly of believers organized to carry out the Great Commission. We do this on a world scale by giving to missions, but we do this on a local scale by regularly witnessing to those around us. Each Saturday morning at 10 AM, year round, a significant percentage of our members gather for just such a purpose. Choosing one of the streets in our neighborhood, we go house to house, personally invite people to our church, and seek to witness for Christ. Others stand on corners passing out tracts, while still others undertake a systematic plan of follow up visits. Personalized training is available for each of these opportunities. We are not a perfect church by any means, but being after people with the Gospel is embedded deeply into our DNA. We invite you to join us.

Matthew 24:46

Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.