Frequently asked Questions

Q: What about parking?

A: Our church is in a local Chicago neighborhood, and as such does not have an attached parking lot. Street parking is available (other than 4900 George for evening services) with no restrictions, and is usually not a problem. A parking space can usually be found within a block of the church, if not closer. In addition, our church owns a parking lot about a block away that is paved and striped, and is open for parking each Sunday. For your convenience a parking shuttle runs before and after the morning services between our church and this lot on 4920 W Diversey beginning at 9:30 AM. There is also a school, Falconer, about a block away that has parking available as well.

Q: How big is your church?

A: It shouldn't matter. You should choose a church based upon whether you believe it is following the precepts of Scripture. Many people in our generation choose a church based upon what if offers them i.e. programs for different ages, an entertaining service, spectacular facilities, etc. While we strive to minister to every age group, maintain clean and neat buildings, and certainly don't want our services to be boring we don't want people to choose us based upon what we have to offer them. We want people to choose us based upon what we believe.

Q: I am of a different ethnic group. Will your church accept me?

A: Absolutely, yes. One of the strengths of our church is our diversity. We have several different ethnic groups represented in our services each week, and our people will warmly welcome you no matter how you got here, where you came from, or what color you are. It is importan to note, though, that at this point all we offer are English language services.

Q: I don't like to dress up. Will I feel uncomfortable at your church?

A: While most of our people dress in what would be called typical business attire, there are some in attendance each Sunday who dress casually. We do not have any rules for what a person must wear to attend our services (within reason; we are not a beach =). We are much more concerned that you simply attend church than that you be dressed a certain way when you come.

Q: Are there opportunities to serve the Lord at your church?

A. Of course! In fact, we are praying for the Lord to send us workers. We usually wait for a new person to attend for a couple of months to make sure this is what you want before we plug you in somewhere. This allows you the time to make an unhurried estimate of our church and decide if you want to make this your church home. After that, we will find out what you are interested in i.e. music, children's ministries, etc. and give you an opportunity to serve the Lord. Based upon how faithful and teachable you are more opportunities will open up.

Q: Do you offer counseling?

A: Yes. We regularly counsel people in the areas of relationships i.e. preparation for marriage, marriage, parent/teenager, etc. We also offer counsel to those struggling with depression, wanting another perspective on a major decision, or dealing with financial difficulty. There is no charge for any of this.

Please feel free to ask us any additional questions you have. We encourage questions around here, and yours will be welcomed.